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Official name: Ciudad Vieja  

meaning of the name:
old town or place of ancient mounds or old pyramids.

The Foundation of the municipality:
November 22, 1427

: is located at 1550 meters of altitude and by found on the slopes of the volcano of water has a relief with pronounced slopes. Its length is 51Km 2. And the latitude is 14 ° 31'24 "and its length is 90 ' 46'.


San Antonio Aguas Calientes and La Antigua Guatemala.
by Alotenango.
La Antigua Guatemala and Aguas Calientes.
San Miguel Dueñas and San Juan Alotenango.


Spanish is spoken and some speak kakchiquel.


Mengala consisting of loose skirt, long adoblezada, bodice with square neckline, sleeves, aguicoyadas, with lace on the edge of the sleeves and neckline with a blanket in the shoulders, caites of leather and two plaits with Ribbon of lit colors. Unfortunately today is not use this costume and only use normal dress or skirt with blouse.


Has a temperate climate, with a rainy season that goes from the month of May to October.

Characteristics of the soils:

West, by San Antonio the soil is sandy, fertile in the skirts of the volcano of water.

Territorial extension:

Has an extention of 54 km². And it is located at 15500 meters above the sea level boasts a village whose name is San Lorenzo bucket. Its distance from La Antigua Guatemala is 5km and from the capital of the country is 48km.

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